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Alexandra Borbolla: Defining the New MegaStar

Golden Halo Award Recipients Alexandra Borbolla (Human) and Marion Ross (Happy Days)

Gone are the days when credentials for Hollywood stardom included simply being a heartthrob or vixen uttering a few breathy words in a blockbuster film. In 2018, the stakes have changed, and those making the biggest waves, needless to say, wear several hats and reach across the aisles. One such MegaStar personality is Alexandra Borbolla who has quietly built an international career by stacking up one key building block at a time and is now collecting many deserved accolades for her excellence in artistic photography, sensitive cinematography, fine art, and for teaching mindfulness, as well as wellness through sports. A renaissance woman of our time, this multi-talented and trilingual (French, Spanish, English) influencer has captured the hearts and attention of the likes of Make-A-Wish Foundation, ACES Autism Comprehensive Educational Services, the San Diego French American School, and even the prestigious Southern California Motion Picture Council (founded in 1936) which awarded Alexandra a Golden Halo Award this year for her outstanding cinematography, alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood including Academy Award winning Margaret O’Brien (Little Women), Burt Ward (Robin the Boy Wonder in the Batman series), Marion Ross (“Mrs. C” in Happy Days), Anson Williams and Don Most (“Potsie” and “Ralph” in Happy Days), as well as Bo Svenson (Walking Tall). She captivated the audience with her eloquent acceptance speech at this star-studded event.

Southern California Motion Picture Council Historian Michael Schwibs, Happy Days: Anson Williams (“Potsie”), Marion Ross (“Mrs. C”), Don Most (“Ralph”), Tracy and Burt Ward (“Robin the Boy Wonder” from Batman series, Founders Gentle Giants dog rescue, MegaStar Alexandra Borbolla, President SCMPC Lord Marquis Randal Malone, Roger Neal (Agent to the MegaStars and Host Academy Awards Special Events)
President of the Southern California Motion Picture Council Lord Marquis Randal Malone Film Star holds vintage Robin doll
Golden Halo Honoree Alexandra Borbolla accepts award from Women’s International Center President Bridget McDonald

While her list of accomplishments is long and varied, including many gallery exhibitions, if one looks at the evolution of her work, there is a noticeable thread that weaves her artistic disciplines together: wellness and self-reliance through mindfulness. When her father placed a camera in her hands at a young age, she began to discover the power of the lens to convey not only what she saw and how she saw it, but also how to shape those sights into encouraging and uplifting images. For example, if she photographed children, she made sure to show them at their best and boldest, capturing moments of happiness, strength, tenderness, and honesty. If she photographed anyone with a physical challenge, the message her photos give is always one of empowerment and affirmation. Noticing her talent, the French American School recruited Alexandra to capture key moments on film, which ended up being key for educational and fundraising purposes. After they met at Burning Man, filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand included some of Alexandra’s moving story in his own internationally acclaimed film Human which explores the question “What is it that makes us human?”

While fine art, photography, and cinematography may be the tools that help Alexandra express her warm and inclusive vision, it is through her mindfulness teachings that she has flourished and is leaving her legacy. A mother of two young children, she began to notice, over the years, the need for certain classes to help not only children become their best selves through mindfulness and sports, but also to help adults who could benefit from specific mindfulness techniques from deep breathing, yoga, and meditation to key communication strategies within the family. Her goal is to also help families become and remain the nurturing, transformative, and encouraging units they should always be. Both children and, coincidentally, incarcerated prisoners, make a convenient target for blame: young, often inexperienced, sometimes unconfident and regularly unsure of themselves. Parents, conversely, generally get the benefit of the doubt: seasoned, older, calmer, powerful, and with implicit authority. Ever a champion of unrecognized skill and potential, Alexandra is quick to notice potential in children, hope for inmates, and potential shortcomings of parents or care-givers. By cultivating the natural dignity of each person, Alexandra has the gift of bringing people back to their pure inner selves. Without ever shaming or humiliating, Alexandra invites everyone, wherever they are in their walk of life, to flourish through health, individual responsibility, and exuberance. More than ever before, our multi-cultural social communities are in need of healing and open communications from trained mentors like Alexandra who, every day, is building needed and sustainable bridges.

HH Dr. Princess Antonia Schaumburg-Lippe with Golden Halo Honoree Alexandra Borbolla

Film and Photography as Empowerment: A Conversation with Influencers Alexandra Borbolla, Paul Vaden and Kristin Farmer

What happens when three influencers get together? They change the world for the better!

“My goal as a photographer is beyond an image: it is a therapeutic, energetic healing process. It is showing the good in everything. The harmony in chaos and the rigidity of the human condition in contrast with nature.”

– Alexandra Borbolla

Influencers Kristin Farmer (Founder ACES Autism Comprehensive Educational Services), Fine Artist Alexandra Borbolla, Paul Vaden (Retired World Boxing Champion) exchange ideas on a bright morning, comparing notes on their respective society-changing work. The conversation focuses on mentoring children and Paul comes to the table with his characteristic enthusiasm, informed by a long series of world champion wins in the boxing ring: “You have to think like there’s no Next Time.”

Alexandra can relate. Holding a camera in her hand since adolescence, she has scoured international settings for the most moving images. Her work tells stories. From beginining to end, and everything in between. By mixing photography with strategic interviewing, she can help people relax in front of the lens, to open up, and to be themselves. Especially children, who may be facing challenging times in school.

She helps people to be and to express themselves, she empowers those who view her art, and helps people, especially parents, children, and even inmates begin a process of healing and personal transformation. In her words, “Talking and listening are healing. Really listening and truly caring helps people heal.”

When Alexandra gets in her creative process, she calls it “Being In Flow.” When she gives a talk for example, she feels in flow, or when the chaos of myriad ideas finally comes together into something harmonious, then it becomes an understanding. Her eyes glint a bit when she expresses that “There is a bliss when things come together, I can almost feel invincible, through a kind of selflessness. I get a selfless feeling of being connected to others.”

Paul also knows how to connect the dots between his inspiration and working with others: “I don’t have a job, I create an experience with everything I do. I can’t go on stage without a microphone, without sound engineers, and without all the ingredients that people need to hear from me, I am much more than just myself. Who I am and the reason why I can reach others is the result of teamwork.”

The catalyst for today’s meeting is Women’s International Center Living Legacy honoree Kristin Farmer who is the founder of ACES, a transformative national group that helps children with Autism: Autism Comprehensive Educational Services. Kristin is truly a pioneer in her field, helping dreams come true for children and parents alike by nurturing proven therapeutic methodologies that have led to countless success stories. We are moved that busy Kristin is with us, fitting in our exchange minutes before a flight, all while internally weathering a recent loss in her family. With trusted friends and colleagues, she knows the healing power of art and looks toward Alexandra who has been not only a supportive friend and colleague, but an indispensable asset to ACES through her cinematography.  in conveying the sensitive and much needed messages of this innovative healing and treatment group.

When Alexandra worked with Kristin at ACES, she helped people pull together their thoughts for presentation in an interview. She developed a helpful questionnaire and noticed how people got comfortable with her while they spoke about how they felt at work. As she asked her questions and she noticed how they were feeling, she saw a transformation within each person, in themselves, mostly when they talked about themselves. This approach ended up working in a positive therapeutic way for ACES. It was clear that Alex had great skills in getting people to relax in front of the camera and in articulating their ideas.

Her videos were inspiring both during the process of filming and in the final product. When people saw the video, there were nothing short of emotional tears.  When the videos were shown publicly, people felt a sense of belonging and a significance deep within.  In her own words, she “wants people to always feel like they are something bigger.” She has successfully done this in ACES and loved it. She relates that “When we are so submerged in our work, sometimes we forget the “Why,” but when someone from the outside reminds us, then we remember that all the stress is worth it.”

Fun and intimate school videos encourage parents and others to contribute to the cause. Teachers also get inspired, they see themselves and realize that they are doing something for the children’s futures. When Alexandra creates her films through a serious of intensely personal interviews, the goal is for impact in a deeper way. People love her film work, because they feel a connection and a calling. Her life takes on a larger meaning, the Why, which is what inspires and moves her: finding just that emotional place where everyone feels connected and feels their passion.

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Article by Bridget McDonald, Ph.D. at Bionic Sisters Productions

Bridget Kristin Paul and Alexandra
Bridget McDonald of Bionic Sisters Productions with ACES Founder Kristin Farmer, Retired World Boxing Champion Paul Vaden, and Fine Art Photographer and Mindfulness Mentor Alexandra Borbolla